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Safeguard Your LGBTQ Family: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

LGBTQ couples must safeguard their rights. Liedman Law PLLC‘s experienced attorneys answer common questions about LGBTQ family law in Minnesota, North Dakota and beyond:

What is LGBTQ family law?

It is the area of law dealing with issues (marriage, divorce, surrogacy, etc.) faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals. Since LGBTQ families are often nontraditional, this field helps ensure their rights are protected and their families recognized.

Why is it important to have an attorney experienced in same-sex family law issues?

Someone well-versed in this field understands the evolving LGBTQ legal landscape. Such knowledge is vital in ensuring fair treatment and protection for you and your family.

How can I protect my family if my partner and I aren’t married?

The law allows for legal protections like cohabitation agreements, which help unwed couples manage property and debt upon separation. If you have children, consulting an attorney is critical to establishing and securing parental rights, such as custody and visitation.

Do I have parental rights if I supported my partner’s adopted child?

Parental rights for a nonadoptive partner usually depend on steps taken, and providing financial support alone may not grant parental rights. However, options like second-parent adoption can establish legal parenthood.

In North Dakota and Minnesota, nonadoptive partners may use the Psychological Parent Doctrine to seek parental rights based on their strong bond with the child, even without legal or biological ties.

What are surrogacy options for same-sex families?

Hopeful same-sex families can explore:

  • Gestational surrogacy: A carrier with no genetic link
  • Traditional surrogacy: The surrogate uses her egg (genetically related)
  • Altruistic surrogacy: No compensation – only medical/legal expenses
  • Commercial surrogacy: The surrogate receives payment and expenses
  • Independent surrogacy: Direct agreement between parents and surrogate
  • Agency-facilitated surrogacy: Process managed by an agency

Overall, the modern world has come to embrace surrogacy for childless families, and the available options have increased.

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