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Defending Your Rights Through Artificial Reproductive Technology Processes

Thanks to the advancements of science, artificial reproductive technology (ART) is able to help families conceive a child and grow their families. While this process can be a blessing for many couples, it is not without challenges. Certain legal obstacles can make your journey to parenthood difficult, and having an experienced family law attorney as your guide can help you along the way.

At Liedman Law PLLC, our attorney has extensive experience helping families considering ART in Minnesota and North Dakota. We want to be the ones who help you through your ART process. We understand the risks and challenges of this option, and our experience can give you peace of mind.

How We Help Families

Even when considering ART as an option for having a child, many couples go into this situation not knowing any of the important legal details. We can help explain the possible risks and issues and help you plan for possibilities that you may not have considered. Our services can create a safety net for couples before they need one in place, like accounting for factors such as:

  • Potential health risks to the mother
  • Planning for medical emergencies
  • Choosing between intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Understanding the financial costs of this process

ART allows couples to overcome fertility issues by increasing the chances of pregnancy while reducing the odds of a couple experiencing a miscarriage. When you want to pursue this option for your family’s future, let us help you start that path with confidence. We are proud to help all types of families with their family law needs throughout Moorhead, Fargo and the surrounding areas, and we are ready to help you with your ART needs.

Start Planning With Us

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