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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce In North Dakota And Minnesota

If you’re considering a divorce, there are probably a lot of questions circulating in your mind. The attorneys at Liedman Law PLLC have compiled a list of the most common questions our clients in North Dakota and Minnesota come to us with and answered them below to help inform your decision.

What Are The Steps Of The Divorce Process?

The steps of the divorce process are as follows:

  • One spouse files a petition for divorce
  • The other spouse responds to it
  • Both parties come to an agreement on child custody, child support, property division and spousal support
  • If they can’t reach an agreement on their own, they’ll go to court, and a judge will make decisions for them
  • A judge signs off on the divorce, and it’s finalized

The terms of divorce matters like child custody, child support payments, and spousal support can be revisited later if circumstances change and they become outdated.

How Does Child Custody Work In A Divorce?

In North Dakota and Minnesota, child custody arrangements are all about serving children’s best interests. There are many factors involved in the decision-making process. Generally, judges will consider the child’s needs, the relationships they have with each of their parents, each parent’s ability to care for the child, and if there is any history of abuse or substance use issues in the family.

How Does Property Division Work In A Divorce?

North Dakota and Minnesota are equitable division states, meaning martial property isn’t automatically divided 50/50. The split varies case by case and depends on each spouse’s needs and contributions to the marriage.

How Do I Begin The Divorce Process?

The first step in the divorce process is to gain legal representation. When you meet us, we’ll get to know you, learn the details of your situation and establish your goals for your divorce. From there, we can formulate a personalized, effective legal strategy. Then, all that’s left to do is file the necessary paperwork, embark on the process and execute our strategy.

How Long Does A Divorce Take?

How long a divorce takes depends mainly on how quickly you and your ex-spouse can reach an agreement on divorce matters. If you go into the process on the same page, you can expect your divorce to be finalized as soon as a judge signs off on it. If you only need to work out a few things, your divorce could take several weeks or months. If matters between you and your ex-spouse are hotly contested, however, your divorce could take months or years to resolve. We strive to resolve our clients’ divorce cases as quickly as their circumstances allow.

Is It Worth It To Go Through A Divorce?

When most people think of divorce, they think about the financial and emotional damage it can cause. However, while divorce is rarely easy, it will be worth it if you do it for the right reasons. Your legal representation can also make a big difference in your divorce experience. We provide our clients with compassionate guidance so they can navigate the challenges of their divorce more effectively.

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