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Compassionate Representation For All Types Of Families

Any kind of family law problem has the potential to become overwhelming and complicated quickly. Trying to understand and overcome the challenges of these cases on your own can mean you and your family struggling with results that are less than you deserve. Instead of trying to do it all by yourself, let a skilled, compassionate and committed family law attorney help you.

At Liedman Law PLLC, we serve all family types throughout Fargo, Moorhead and the surrounding areas who need help addressing their family law needs. Our team includes attorney Kirsty Liedman and paralegal Melissa Slavik. We know how delicate these matters are, and we work tirelessly to defend the rights of our clients throughout their cases. You can learn more about our legal team here:

Attorney Liedman is a family law attorney who understands the gravity of family law challenges. As a child, she survived a house fire caused by a meth lab, which led her and her siblings to live in a series of foster homes. This firsthand experience in the legal system led to her getting an undergraduate degree in social work and is direct inspiration for her current advocacy as a family law attorney; she knows the importance of healthy family relationships and keeping a family together.

Upon entering law school, Kirsty learned she was pregnant, so she earned her Juris Doctor while caring for her first child. She then graduated and passed the bar exam while pregnant with her second child, and these experiences strengthened her commitment to make the law better for children and families.

How We Help All Types Of Family

Many law firms will claim to be the right representation for your family law issues, but at our office, we treat our Minnesota and North Dakota clients like family. We are as committed to the needs of our clients as they are, and we exercise the full ability of our team to help them.

Both Kirsty and Melissa are proud to represent same-sex families in their family law concerns, including more unique needs involving artificial or assisted reproductive technology (ART) and surrogacy matters. At our office, we offer a warm welcome to all LGBTQ+ individuals and couples looking for legal representation.

Instead of offering all our clients the same strategy for their case type, we understand that every case we take is unique and deserves a unique approach. We take the time to communicate with our clients and learn about what makes their cases different before developing a personalized plan to guide them through their cases. We know that our clients just want to be done with their legal issues, so we strive to resolve their cases quickly and efficiently without sacrificing the quality of the outcome.

We Are Waiting For You

Whether you think you may need a family law attorney soon or you are in the midst of a legal problem the impacts your family, now is the best time to reach out to us. Call us at 701-800-2687 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today. We look forward to helping your family through your legal needs.