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Getting Help With Your Divorce/Dissolution Of Marriage

There are many factors to a divorce that can become complicated, emotionally charged and psychologically overwhelming. When a divorce gets out of hand due to heated emotions and knee-jerk reactions, both sides risk receiving an outcome that is less than they deserve. Instead of pursuing the complicated option on your own, keep things simple with the help of a skilled family law attorney.

At Liedman Law PLLC, our lawyer helps clients in Minnesota and North Dakota with their divorce needs. Throughout the Moorhead and Fargo areas, we have a reputation for providing our clients with personalized, experienced and respectful representation. We know how to resolve a divorce with little complication or stress, and we are ready to help you through your divorce.

Developing A Plan You Can Count On

To keep a divorce from getting out of hand, having a personalized strategy to guide you through it can keep you focused on what matters while pursuing a swift and effective resolution. We are here to craft that plan based on your unique needs through issues such as:

  • Asset division – splitting marital assets like real estate, bank accounts, vehicles, vacation homes and cabins, retirement accounts, and other valuables
  • Child custody and visiting – developing an agreement that ensures your children are getting the time they deserve with you, whether you are the primary custodian or not
  • Child support and alimony – ensuring your payment plan is based on the facts and fair for both sides while preventing anyone from weaponizing it through negotiations

We have made a commitment to offering the most good to the most people through our firm, and we are proud to help same-sex families through their divorce needs. With our help, we can help you find the best options to meet your goals in your divorce and get you on the path to the next chapter in your life.

The First Step Starts Here

Whether you are planning on initiating your divorce or you were just served papers, beginning the divorce process is rarely easy. Let us help you defend your best interests throughout your divorce and put together a plan you can count on. Call us at 701-800-2687 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation here.