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Same-sex couples have faced tremendous challenges when it comes to marriage equality – but not every same-sex marriage works out. When these couples divorce, they can still face additional complications that other couples do not have.

At Liedman Law PLLC, our lawyer proudly serves the LGBTQ+ community throughout the Fargo-Moorhead area. Attorney Kirsty E. Liedman is even part of the LGBTQ+ Bar Association. She offers compassionate, experienced legal guidance at every stage of the process.

What Makes A Same-Sex Divorce Unique?

The legal landscape surrounding same-sex relationships has evolved rapidly. Many same-sex couples that are married today also have civil unions, domestic partnerships or reciprocal beneficiary relationships that were established before they had the legal right to marry. Those must also be properly dissolved during a same-sex divorce.

Another factor that can complicate same-sex divorce proceedings is the fact that the date a marriage begins usually controls what is considered marital property versus separate property. However, since same-sex couples were legally prohibited from marrying, that may not be true in all divorces. The true marital relationship may have existed for years before the legal wedding.

Finally, custody issues can be complicated in same-sex divorces. A lot may depend on a parent’s biological and legal ties to their child, and these issues can become contentious.

Get Experienced Help With Your Same-Sex Divorce

Every family situation is unique, and every divorce has its particular challenges. When you are going through a same-sex divorce, it pays to understand the issues that can come up and what approaches you can take to protect your interests.

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