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What are my options when getting a divorce in North Dakota?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Divorce

Deciding to end a marriage is often difficult, especially if it happens because of uncontrollable circumstances affecting your children and entire family. These concerns can pose various challenges for divorcing couples, from financial matters to relationship dynamics. If you are in similar scenarios, you could proceed with the divorce while considering the best way to navigate these issues.

In North Dakota, there are two ways to file for divorce, with varying procedures and outcomes:

  • Uncontested — This option allows you and your former spouse to document your arrangement in an agreement, including all topics you settled together. After completing all necessary files and requirements, you can file them in court. Cases processed using this method tend to take minimal time if there are no problems with the paperwork.
  • Contested — This approach may apply to couples who have trouble agreeing or if the filing party can’t locate their former spouse. This type of divorce allows you to file and process it alone. It involves going to court to settle any concerns, potentially increasing the time necessary to conclude the process.

The most appropriate option for you can vary based on your circumstances. Sometimes, going to court is necessary for high-conflict cases. An uncontested divorce could be viable if you and your former spouse are on good terms.

Understanding your family’s needs

Some divorces can be straightforward, but others require help to fully understand the situation. When deciding how to file your divorce, consider your circumstances first and determine an option that meets your family’s needs. You could also seek legal guidance for unique instances involving complex assets or safety risks. Valuable advice can also give you the knowledge to make informed decisions during the divorce process.